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    RobbieChicago loves Frank Zappa, Columbo and throwing frisbees. He dislikes baked beans.

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She just doesn’t get it!

Posted by robbiechicago on March 12, 2010

I took the day off yesterday and ended up spending much of the afternoon in the park with my sister-in-law Tam, pushing her son on the swings.  Our chat came round to my interest in going back to university, but the conversation came to the same stumbling block as my plans:  Finance.  I found out yesterday that, even if you didn’t take a penny first time around, there is no way you can get funding from the student finance people if you want to do a second degree.  Damn.

I really want to pursue this path, but I just don’t know how I can pay for it.  I just don’t have enough money to last at least 3 years with no income.  It’s very frustrating and we both racked our brains for ideas.

Now, as many of you will know, I am going to the world cup in the summer.  I will be going to all England’s group games, and then to each of their knockout games following them or whoever beats them up to and including the final.  Tam, bless her, said that I could sell my World Cup tickets.  “Er, no” I said.  “Fair enough” says Tam.  At which point I mentioned that I had wondered if England did get to the final how much I would be able to sell my ticket for.  I think I’d pretty easily get over £10,000.  She said that at that point it would become a no-brainer:  You sell it.  I goggled at her.  “Are you serious, woman?”  I stammered.  “Of course you sell it!” she said, bemused.

She just doesn’t get it.

I firmly believe in having no regrets in life.  You make decisions, some of them are good, some are bad.  However, if I had in my grubby paws a ticket to see England playing in a World Cup final and I flogged it, I know with 100% certainty that it would be something that I would regret for the rest of my life.

Having said that, presumably there has to be a limit.  I mean, if someone offered me a million quid I guess I’d take it.  I wonder at what point the money would become too much to refuse.  I don’t want to think about it.



2 Responses to “She just doesn’t get it!”

  1. Cran said

    It will probably be on tv…

  2. robbiechicago said

    That’s pretty much what she said!

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